Will you find your favourite
mythical creatures or beasts?

Hopefully yes and right here on our mythical creatures site!

This site is still fairly new but is quickly filling up with various mystic monsters from the past and the present.

Our ultimate goal is to have illustrations to go with each description and our on staff artist is keeping very busy designing her version of these fantasy creatures.

We sincerely hope that the collection of mythical beasts represented in this website will not disappoint!

Watch our little movie & see what we are about!

Whether we are talking about dragons, hybrids, undead creatures or ghosts, these monsters make the stories that we read or the movies that we watch just that much more memorable, exciting, eerie or perhaps even incredibly frightening.

On top of all that – these guys are everywhere! They have been part of various cultures for thousands of years and there are still countless books and movies continually being produced that feature these fantastic creatures.

They often represent the ultimate in good or the supreme in evil making them extremely fascinating and sometimes even over the top frightening.

Just recently, the popular TV show Deadliest Warrior showcased a formidable battle between two very famous mythical creatures - Vampires and Zombies.

Every year there are at least a couple of movies released with some kind of fantasy creature theme. Video games are full of them.

Admit it – video games are much more enjoyable to play when you have to overcome some kind of super powerful surreal creature.

This website was born from the fascination with the fantasy world of mythical creatures and beasts. Since we are already watching the movies and reading the books – why not share?

We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection of beasts and our various categories and lists. Like we said earlier, this site is fairly new so be sure to come back often and visit so you do not miss any additions.

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See you again very soon!